A list of online educational resources, for various ages and divided by subject. All of them are free.

*If you know of any free resource you’d like to see added here, feel free to message me: carolinabe82 at yahoo dot com


Math 3 Under the Sea
Super fun Math games website, including money and fractions. Focused on Grade 3 Math.

Free Math Worksheets Generator
For creating Math worksheets for your specific lessons and needs.

Let’s Play Math!
Blog dedicated to quirky math fact, jokes and videos.


Amusement Park Physics
Discover the forces that make your roller-coaster ride such a thrill.

Science Toys
Learn how to make gadgets and cool toys with common household materials.


The Great Plant Escape
Learn about the plant life cycle while playing detective and uncovering clues.

Spider Identification
Endless pictures and info on all kinds of arachnids.


History for Children
Blog created by a History-buff mom with tons of resources for every grade, age and time period.


NativeTech: Native American Technology
Detailed explanations and instructions on how to fabricate tools and toys.

Find hundreds of free audiobooks ready for download.  We’re making our way through Fairy Tales by The Brothers Grimm.


Useful for creating tests, worksheets and assignments for any grade.


Top Spy Secrets
Make invisible ink and other cool gadgets. It also gives you ‘secret missions’ to complete.

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