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The disorganized parents’ guide to a successful Science Fair project

Any resemblance with real people and/or situations is because I based this on myself and other 4,564,223,545 similar parents I know. Step 1- Exactly 29 hours before said Science Fair enter in absolute panic because OMIGOSH WE FORGOT THE SCIENCE … Continue reading

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Black History month: Lecture with Dr. Austin Clarke

Anna has been toying with the idea of becoming a writer, interest that was sparked after learning about Frankenstein author Mary Shelley’s life. Surfing through our city’s official website I came across information for a lecture the city was hosting … Continue reading

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University of York- Science Outreach program

New year, new experiences. We kicked off our 2011 portion of the school year with a great initiative organized by my friend Amy along with students of the University of York. Currently there is much interest in making Science accessible … Continue reading

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Aloha Hawaii!

This post is about Hawaii. My title is SO original! I know! Please ignore the fact that these events took place back in July. It is now November, but who’s checking? We had our monthly international pot-luck lunch, which in … Continue reading

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Young Entrepreneurs, the world is yours

So, we showed you how we decorated the jars and we showed you how we made spa products. Now, the moment of truth: Showcasing them in our very own Entrepreneur Fair! The idea of having an Entrepreneur Fair came from … Continue reading

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Oh, Japan!

Beautiful land of immense culture, May is your month! That’s right, for May we chose Japan as our place to “visit” for our international potluck lunch. It was awe.some. Since we had to make a Japanese dish to bring, I … Continue reading

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All things Holland

I’m so behind on posts it’s not even funny! I have tons to write about because, well, my life is exciting and fabulous like that *gigglecoughsnort* A few weeks ago some of us at the homeschooling group began the adventure … Continue reading

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