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A Very Proud Day

We picked up Anna at school yesterday, and the smile on her face couldn’t have gotten any bigger as she ran to our car. She was beside herself in happiness, telling us all about her very first Track & Field … Continue reading

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Children ain’t stupid, y’all

Thanks to my savvy Facebook friends I found out about the free online screening of the movie Hungry for Change. (It’s available only until March 31st, watch it here!) I invited Anna to watch it with me; it’s a documentary … Continue reading

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Like a duel at sunset, we finally met The Teacher

We had our very first Parent-Teacher interview for Anna. She’s been attending public school for one month now, her very first time in a Canadian school after having been homeschooled for almost three years. We entered the room and the … Continue reading

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My kid is going to school…

…and I’m still deciding if this is one of the signs of an upcoming apocalypse. Because, after all, isn’t this possibility as unlikely as hell freezing over? Close. I’m happy homeschooling; so is my husband and the child in question. … Continue reading

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Fire safety

One thing that I have had a hard time getting used to is that here in Canada houses are built of wooden frames and all walls are made of sheet rock. I can quite literally punch the wall and break … Continue reading

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The fight

I feel very fortunate to be master of my time; I currently don’t have a 9 to 5 job (and I’m not sure I want one), and I get to pick and choose the homeschool activities in which we participate. … Continue reading

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Exploring schmoring

You may remember several months ago when my friend Amy and her son came with us in an exploring adventure of the woods by my house. Well, I thought it would be a fantastic idea to bring the kids again … Continue reading

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