A Very Proud Day

We picked up Anna at school yesterday, and the smile on her face couldn’t have gotten any bigger as she ran to our car.

She was beside herself in happiness, telling us all about her very first Track & Field race, in which she competed against 5th grade peers, and also all 6th graders.

She won second place!

We couldn’t believe it! I don’t think Stephen or I had even given this race much thought; if anything, I was proud of her for choosing to race in the first place, because participation was optional and many of her friends opted out.

She went on to give us all the details, including the disqualifications that occurred when kids tried to shove and trip each other. Apparently one girl tried to push Anna off the track and was immediately disqualified. I’m just glad Anna got to see first hand the consequences of cheating and poor sportsmanship.

And so my little bug described how the race began and all kids dashed off as fast as they could… and she just jogged. Then, halfway through, everyone was tired and walking, and she was able to pass them all except one. Her friend (a girl, too!) won first place, leaving Anna with a beautiful second place blue ribbon.

We took her out for dinner to celebrate, and that ribbon was worn and danced with all day.

She made sure everyone, even the neighbors’ cat, got a good look at it.

I hope throughout her life she’ll have many more days of feeling as proud of herself as she did yesterday. It sure was a joy to see her so happy with her accomplishment.


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One Response to A Very Proud Day

  1. brenda says:

    lovely pictures….please send them!!! I;ll surprise mom with them, ok?

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