Like a duel at sunset, we finally met The Teacher

We had our very first Parent-Teacher interview for Anna. She’s been attending public school for one month now, her very first time in a Canadian school after having been homeschooled for almost three years.

We entered the room and the teacher was there to greet us “So,” she began, “it is my understanding that Anna hasn’t been in school for quite some time?” I nodded and she continued, “And you were homeschooling her?” I nodded again slowly, narrowing my eyes and not knowing what to expect. A million thoughts rushed through my head: Is she one of those teachers that disapproves of homeschooling? Does she think I ruined my kid? Has she been judging us since before we met her?

“Well, you’ve done a fantastic job!” she exclaimed. My shoulders immediately relaxed! “Her spelling is great, her use of the language is fantastic, she’s very social– very social;   she’s doing well.”

I laughed in relief and said how I felt like I was getting my very own passing grade right there. “If I had a star I would give it to you!” the teacher added with a smile.

I feel proud both for Anna and I. I feel happy that she was able to stay home with us for years and, a far cry from ‘ruining’ her or limiting her experiences– as some people erroneously assume happens with homeschooled kids– we were able to offer alternatives that in the end have worked wonders for her. I’m certain that homeschooling also helped solidify our family and gave us the opportunity to really get to know our daughter. I know it also gave me the chance to find myself as a mother, to parent in the manner I consider best.

I’ll always be grateful for our time as a homeschooling family. Anna wasn’t the only one doing all the learning.


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Writing about my life according to me. Quite convenient because you can't prove me wrong.
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2 Responses to Like a duel at sunset, we finally met The Teacher

  1. Amy says:

    Did you my strong, brilliant, independent free thinking friend really need that teacher to validate what you already knew deep down?!?! Of course she’s perfect :0) Glad all is cruising along nicely!!

    • Caro says:

      LOL it’s funny, isn’t it? It was indeed a relief to have an expert of sorts (at least in the eyes of nay-sayers) agree with us that we’ve done well. It’s like a carte blanche to say “I told you so”. And yes, that feels wicked good!

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