My kid is going to school…

…and I’m still deciding if this is one of the signs of an upcoming apocalypse. Because, after all, isn’t this possibility as unlikely as hell freezing over? Close.

I’m happy homeschooling; so is my husband and the child in question. The reality of our current situation is that my new job has a wonky and varying schedule, which makes it very hard for me to keep up with Anna’s school work and field trips with the homeschooling group.

Also, she has never tried school in Canada and I do want her to have that experience before deciding in the future what she’d rather do. Letting her know that she would be attending school went something like this:

Me: Anna, you’re going to school.


Me: Yes. What’s the big deal, you know half the school already.

Anna: Oh. That’s true.

And with that her eyes lit up as she counted the number of neighbourhood friends who are her same age and grade, excitedly wondering in whose class she’d be. The end.

I don’t feel nostalgic or sad about sending her to school either. She may thrive there for all I know; she may have an amazing experience. And if she doesn’t we can always come back to homeschooling, especially now that I know it isn’t the difficult and intimidating thing I used to think it was.


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2 Responses to My kid is going to school…

  1. Amy says:

    Wishing her well on her new adventure 🙂

    Oh and to you and Stephan…. FREEEEEDDDDOOOMMMMMM LOL Have a good breakfast LOL

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