Furniture for Polly Pocket

Polly Pocket was no longer happy without a decent hang-out space in her house. She and her friends were tired of being left thrown around the dollhouse in uncomfortable positions.

Dolls. So demanding.

A trip to the dollar store solved the issue. We found a kit for building wooden doll furniture.

You simply snap out the pieces and fit them together. The instructions, instead of written, show you in drawings which piece fits where, which is pretty awesome because it forces the child to be very observant of details.

Also, we discovered that the wooden pieces have a “right” side: one of the sides is more porous, and the other one is smoother. The pieces fit better when the smoother side is facing outwards (which makes perfect sense, but still, it was fun for Anna to touch each piece and really observe them to find the smoother side).

The pieces are tiny and frail, and most of them fit very tightly. If this isn’t an effective way of developing fine motor skills I don’t know what is.

Once you’re done building you can decide to reinforce the structures with a tiny (tiny!!) drop of Gorilla glue. I repeat, TINY drop! That thing expands like an angry puffer fish, so if you use too much by the time it dries you will find bubbles set outside the lines of what you were gluing.

Or you can jump directly to what was Anna’s favorite part– the decorating.

I swear she put up with the building just so she could get to the painting. Whatever works, right?

And here they are, finished:

Polly Pocket I hope you like prime colors.

After letting it dry, allow for the new owners to test it out.

And you’re done! Now supervise that the dolls don’t start hosting all sorts of crazy parties trying to show off their new flat.

We really enjoyed working on these, and I can see them being something not exclusive of girls. For example, these would be fantastic for a boy to build as a gift for a sister or friend. Or maybe their boy dolls action figures need a lounge in their man-cave. Hey, superheroes need a coffee table to put their feet on, too.




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