Aloha Hawaii!

This post is about Hawaii. My title is SO original! I know!

Please ignore the fact that these events took place back in July. It is now November, but who’s checking?

We had our monthly international pot-luck lunch, which in this occasion paid tribute to the glorious, paradisaical island. We know it’s technically part of the U.S., don’t worry. But let’s be honest: Culinary-, culture-, and life-style-wise? Two completely separate things. Agree? Good.

I searched for different Hawaiian recipes but didn’t have much luck. Forty ways of cooking Spam? Forget’boutit. That engender of the devil’s womb deserves to be expelled from this atmosphere along with effin’ Miracle Whip. Blech.

I also tried my hand at an unfortunate Chicken in Coconut milk, but things didn’t work out. To put it mildly.

And then… a ray of light. Chocolate covered bananas. Now we’re talking.

This is a very simple recipe and I do not mean to insult you with such simplicity. But at the same time, I have never claimed to be a professional chef (even if my cooking does rock, mind you). What you should keep in mind is that this recipe is so easy even a child could do it.

A child.

Your child.

That’s right, slave ’em kids and lure them into the fun world of fixing treats for mom. Mwaha. Ha.

You’ll need:

– 1 C. of semi-sweet chocolate chips

-2 Tbs. shortening (I used Crisco)

-Wooden popsicle sticks

-Parchment paper

And bananas. But you already knew that.

Start by preparing a space in your freezer and line it with parchment paper.

Cut your bananas in halves and insert a wooden stick up their rear. Be gentle. It is their rear, after all.

Now mix the chocolate chips and the shortening in a bowl and microwave for a few seconds (40-ish?) until both soften and start to melt. Be sure to not burn the chocolate!

Mix the chocolate and shortening mixture until it becomes a homogeneous liquid (homogeneous. In the distance, a proud Ms. Xotchil –my physics/chemistry teacher– shrieks with delight that 12 years after, something stuck)

Now that the substance is homogenized (shiat, I’m on a roll!), grab one banana half and happily dunk it until covered. Dunk, dunk.

As soon as the banana half is covered, transfer it to the freezer and settle it on the parchment paper. We need the cold to set the chocolate/shortening.

These pictures are so grainy. Gah.

After like 15 minutes your chocolate-covered bananas will be ready to serve. Or bring to the potluck, like us.

When we arrived at Carol’s the kiddo was greeted by a funky little drink with a pineapple slice and an umbrella. *squeeeeaaaaal*

This mommy was greeted by another funky looking drink with a pineapple slice and spiked with some of Capt’n Morgan’s ARRR. *squeeeeeaaaaaaaal*

What do you mean you’ve never been drunk while schooling? Like, there’s people who homeschool sober? Weird.

Spirits were high and the moms were even higher as our day went under way. Some got into the Hawaiian celebration more than others.

The food was really good! Too bad I can’t remember the recipes. HA! Just look and drool:

Pulled pork, sliced pineapples, sweet and sour meatballs.

For craft time we first made our very own lei! Carol had prepared for us a whole bunch of coffee filters soaked around the edges in different colors. Each kid received a bunch of the colored coffee filters, yarn, a big needle, and a bunch of rubber bands.

Take a coffee filter from the middle and crumple it.

Then use a rubber band to hold it in place:

Finally, stab your ‘flower’ through the center with the needle and yarn. Watch those fingers! After a couple of pokes the kid will learn to be careful. Guaranteed.

This face of concentration says it all.

Repeat the process over and over until all your coffee filters have been turned into flowers and stringed. So easy!

Then we took things outside for the second part of crafts: A Hawaiian beach mat.

We extended the mats on the sidewalk and let the kids decorate them in any way they wanted. The only thing was to keep Hawaii in mind as they did.

The day was warm and inviting (Whaaaa? In Canada?!) and perfect for being outdoors. Here is Anna’s finished mat:

And of course, we finished our trip by stamping the passport.

Good-bye, Hawaii! We hope to visit you again some time. This time for real.  *sigh*


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2 Responses to Aloha Hawaii!

  1. suebarnett says:

    Wow, this all sounds so familiar! I don’t have children of my own, but I – I was going to say ‘I feel your pain’, but that might be inappropriate, though it does sound completely manic. But I’ll just say I know exactly what you are talking about.

    I haven’t worked out how to use the internal message system, but you can message me if you like.

  2. Angelina says:

    I miss all the FUN!!! *sniff* lol ARRR!

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