All around us

As you know, we’re currently in Newfoundland visiting Stephen’s parents. The opportunity to learn is all around us.

Starting from the road trip, every bathroom stop gave a chance to observe our surroundings.

This beautiful moth was gently flying around a gas station in Quebec:

For some bizarre reason Anna has always been keen on moths. When we lived in Mexico she would imprison and enslave care for and love any poor moth that happened to land on a windowsill.

The trend continues:

Walking out from Stephen’s parents’ we just need to cross the road to find ourselves here:

A beach provides endless possibilities, and we soon got to work.

Remember I mentioned I brought along several nature guides with illustrations of wildlife found in the provinces we crossed in our trip? Well, it came in handy:

We found a crab’s shell lying on the sand, and upon comparing it with images in the guide we decided it probably belonged to a Green Crab.

We also went for a walk at a park in Corner Brook.

I present to you: Anna the treehugger. Literally.

Further down the path we came to a lake where swans were gracefully swimming. You can’t really tell the proportions in the picture, but the thing was HUGE.

And also? They’re f*ckin’ evil. This picture was taken shortly before the swan waddled its way out of the water and pecked at Emma’s shoe.

That sent the kids off screaming while their Nan and I laughed. Have you noticed that when things like this happen I’m always somewhere in the back laughing my head off? When life gives you lemons… *smirk*

Time to wave good-bye to evil incarnated. Buh-bye.

We also played races throwing sticks into the stream and seeing whose went by faster. We still don’t know who won, but I don’t think it mattered.


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Writing about my life according to me. Quite convenient because you can't prove me wrong.
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One Response to All around us

  1. Shawn says:

    You’re a great story teller Caro… made me laugh. The mutilated crab shell was a bit weird, but in keeping with the overall theme 🙂

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