Young Entrepreneurs, the world is yours

So, we showed you how we decorated the jars and we showed you how we made spa products. Now, the moment of truth: Showcasing them in our very own Entrepreneur Fair!

The idea of having an Entrepreneur Fair came from wanting to give our children a place where to sell their home-made products. We wanted them to know that their creativity is –literally– valuable; that their ideas are worth something and that with some hard work and determination they can achieve their goals.

What an amazing experience. For weeks we have been working hard on Anna’s products and the logistic behind her “company”. She decided from the get-go that offering earth-friendly products was a must, and that’s why we refused to use any plastic containers or sub-products.

Some benefits that we found along the way: Glass jars are easier to recycle, they’re reusable, they’re cleaner than plastic and don’t allow for all those yucky molecules to filter and stick to whatever you’re storing in them. And best of all, they don’t contribute to the ever-growing problem in our oceans and landfills.

Also, instead of ribbons (which are usually derivatives of plastic) we opted for yarn to dress up the jars. Better yet, all the yarn we have we got from Freecycle, the amazing Yahoo community in which people pass along things that are still usable but they no longer need. So, killing two birds with one stone, we stopped all these bags of yarn from ending in a landfill, and now we have them to use in all our crafts! Win-win. Love.

The ingredients used in the products are all safe and earth-friendly, too. Nothing harsh that could harm water supplies when washed away through the drainage.

The big day was here and we woke up full of excitement. We arrived at the location early to set up our table:

Here are some examples of how our products came out, after we labeled them with paper matching to the lids and Anna’s personalized tags:

The fair began and soon enough, customers stopped by to ask about Anna’s products. She was ecstatic to be making sales!

The fair was INCREDIBLE! You wouldn’t believe the super creative stuff I saw there, made by the kids themselves.

We had cute and funky-shaped cupcakes. Yes, as in French fries, pie and popcorn-odd and funky cupcakes!

We had a flower shop with a twist: What was sold were little kits that included the cutest tiny bucket for your flower to grow, the seeds, and compressed soil that will expand when you’re ready to plant and water!

Knitted EVERYTHING! From book markers, to purses and bracelets. These girls have some serious talent:

We also had ingeniously crafted Knight helmets:

Which were perfect, especially because his friend made Knight shields! You should have seen all the kids running around totally dressed up as knights. So. much. fun!

In case you don’t believe me that the kids got REALLY creative I’ll tell you that one of the boys was selling… wait for it… stilts.

Yes, stilts!

Apparently his dad is very good at working with wood, and they were selling the stilts with an informational video (made by them!) which included instructions, careĀ  and safety tips.

It was great to see entire families involved in kids’ projects.

And to make things even better, one of the dads of our homeschooling community– and successful entrepreneur himself– gave the kids a talk about everything involved in having your own business. It was great! He talked with clear examples about how they could make their money grow if they re-invest what they made at the fair, and explained how by having their own businesses they could help others: By providing jobs to people who need it, and by choosing to donate a percentage to the cause of their choice. The kids were left pumped after that!

Even a reporter of the local newspaper stopped by and interviewed other moms and me about the event. The article is here.

Great, GREAT day! And if making money weren’t fun enough, the kids had a chance to reinforce their Math skills, customer service courtesy, merchandising, investments, offer-demand, etc.

Real-life learning. My favorite kind.


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