Affordable– and FUN!– beauty

Remember the jars we decorated recently? They’re part of a big project we’ve been working on… Anna’s very own brand of spa products!

Let me tell you, these make AMAZING affordable presents. If you’re cheap frugal like me, you’ll love how economical and easy they are to make, and how gorgeous they look at the end.

Here’s how we made them.


-Previously decorated jars/lids

-Mixing bowl (or reused, washed margarine container, in our case)

-Funnel (must. have. funnel.)


-Brown sugar

-Olive oil

-Bath salts like Epsom salts, or Dead Sea salts.

-Food coloring (optional)

-Vanilla essence (optional)

-Wooden spoon for decoration (optional)

-Just-showered drenched girl (optional!) 😛

To make scented bath salts:

In the mixing bowl, add 1 C of Epsom salts and 1 C of sea salts. You can also choose to use only Epsom, or only sea salts, it doesn’t matter. Make the combination as it’s easier for you.

Add a few drops of food coloring and mix, mix, mix.

Add a few drops of vanilla essence if you so desire. You can also leave your salts fragrance-free and they’ll make your skin just as soft. No problem.

Then, use the funnel to pour the salts into the jar. Trust me, you want to use a funnel. That, or you love to sweep and vacuum tiny particles of sugar and salt. You masochist, you.

Close your jar and tie some matching yarn around it for decoration:

Add the wooden spoon as a final touch to give it that extra oomph of cuteness and homeliness. The spoons made a huge difference in my eyes.

And there you have it! Your very own personal bath salts. Add a cute label to personalize it if you’re using it as a gift, and make sure you slap some Mod Podge on top of the label to make it water-proof. They’re pretty, thoughtful, and a charming gift that anyone would appreciate.

Here are our recipes for other products:

Sweet Body Scrub

Add 1 C of sugar, 1 C of brown sugar and enough olive oil for the mixture to be damp, not drenched. Mix well and put in the jar. This can be used once a week in the shower to get rid of tough skin. Hello summer!

Marine Body Scrub

Add 2 C of sea salts and enough olive oil for the mixture to be damp, not drenched. Mix well and put in the jar. You can add some vanilla essence if you want to make it smell nice. Use once a week in the shower. Heavenly!

So there you go. Now go and get your force-labor workers kids to make gifts for their grandparents, their teachers, their best friend’s mom, etc.


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2 Responses to Affordable– and FUN!– beauty

  1. joniphippin says:

    Just found your blog. Love it. love the name. especially love the young entrepreneurs.

    can you tell me where you bought your two green measuring cups?

    I look forward to more..

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