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They have the ability to fascinate us, freak us out, make us shudder in disgust and amaze us with their colors and anatomic designs. The world of creepy crawlers is captivating, even if we’re sometimes blinded by the eww factor. … Continue reading

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All around us

As you know, we’re currently in Newfoundland visiting Stephen’s parents. The opportunity to learn is all around us. Starting from the road trip, every bathroom stop gave a chance to observe our surroundings. This beautiful moth was gently flying around … Continue reading

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Homeschooling on the road

ROAD TRIP! We began our 2-day travel from Ontario to Newfoundland. Twenty one hours driving straight — because husbando refuses to stop for the night– plus seven hours on the ferry that would bring us to the island. It’s a … Continue reading

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Young Entrepreneurs, the world is yours

So, we showed you how we decorated the jars and we showed you how we made spa products. Now, the moment of truth: Showcasing them in our very own Entrepreneur Fair! The idea of having an Entrepreneur Fair came from … Continue reading

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Affordable– and FUN!– beauty

Remember the jars we decorated recently? They’re part of a big project we’ve been working on… Anna’s very own brand of spa products! Let me tell you, these make AMAZING affordable presents. If you’re cheap frugal like me, you’ll love … Continue reading

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The Toronto Schoolhouse and First Post Office

Once again we had the amazing opportunity to travel back in time and learn about the beginnings of Canada. This time we visited Toronto’s first free school and the first post office. Our first stop was at the school, and … Continue reading

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