Special project, a sneak peek

We’re working on a very exciting project, for which we needed to decorate some glass jars.

Lately we’ve been taking conscience of our impact on the environment and for this reason we chose to reuse as many materials as possible, also avoiding the use of plastic like leprosy.

If you have any spaghetti sauce jars that you’d like to reuse you can easily dress them up and make them prettier. I found that the labels came off very easily after washing them in the dishwasher. The heat softened the glue quite nicely.

First, let the jars soak in warm water with vinegar to get rid of any smells.

Then wash them again to get rid of the smell of vinegar, ha! It works wonders, I tell ya.

Here are the materials we used:

Jars with lids

Scrapbooking paper

Mod Podge

Brush or sponge to apply the Mod Podge


First, trace a circle on the scrapbooking paper. This circle must be wider than the lid, wide enough to cover the sides of it. Cut it.

Then, apply some Mod Podge on the lid.

And paste the paper circle, so that the lid is right in the center — remember, you want enough paper around to fold and cover the sides.

Let it settle for a few minutes and then cut the leftover paper into semi-thin tabs.

Apply some Mod Podge on the sides of the lid and bend the tabs to paste them, overlapping one over the next. This will give you a very even and flat look all around the lid.

Once they’re pasted, if you have any paper sticking out longer than the edge of your lid, simply cut it off to make it even.

To finish, cover the entire lid including the sides with several coats of Mod Podge. This will seal your paper and make it super resistant and waterproof!

By the time we were done those lids were looking pretty darn good! I was particularly happy at how Anna took great care in her craft. When we were finished with the lids Anna looked at them, then at me and said “Mom, you know what? I feel very proud of them”.

Isn’t this what every mother wants for her children? For them to develop a sense of pride in their work, in their accomplishments, in their creations.

Best. words. ever.


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2 Responses to Special project, a sneak peek

  1. Ashley says:

    Love this!! I am totally going to do this with my kids. How are you using your jars?

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