In full freedom

I come from a place where warmth is available pretty much year-round, and now I live in a place where six months out of the year are spent in the miserable cold and usually up to your knees in snow. Needless to say, warm days call out to me and I have resolved that none will pass in vain.

Waking up and seeing the sun shinning bright fills me with energy, and recently Anna and I decided to go and have school at the park. She did some Math, English and Social Studies. The coolest part was Science, though. We learned about the parts of plants, and the fact that we were on the grass with tons of flowers around us provided excellent examples of what the book talked about.


Then we lay on our backs and looked for shapes in the clouds. I honestly can’t remember the last time I’d done that and I had almost forgotten how relaxing and fun it is. We saw alligators, ducks and an apatosaurus.


After that we read some more of Roald Dahl’s The BFG. Anna laughs every time I read the BFG’s dialogues. She says the BFG talks like a Newfie*. “Like Daddy!” Yes, honey; Daddy says I is and you has… just like the BFG. *sigh of resignation*

When we were done with school Anna had some time to run wild in the park.

*Newfie- Cute way of referring to those from Newfoundland, where the hubs is from.

While she was playing, a very sweet thing happened. Anna called out to me in Spanish and I immediately noticed that this older lady who was walking by started heading towards me.
Me: Good afternoon.
Lady: *shaking head* No, no English.
Me: Español?
Lady: *widest smile you could imagine* Si, Español!

She sat and talked to me for a while. She told me how she’s from Peru but came to Canada to visit her two sons. She mentioned how much she missed her friends back at home and how lost she felt in a country with a language she can’t understand. She was relieved to have found us at the park and to be able to talk to us.

Our little exchange got me thinking about many things and eventually led to a conversation with Anna about the great value of being bilingual. The gift of multiple languages is a grand one, and I can only hope you consider it for yourself, and even more so, for your children.


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Writing about my life according to me. Quite convenient because you can't prove me wrong.
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2 Responses to In full freedom

  1. Amy says:

    Sounds like a very fulfilling day Carolina!

  2. Tasha says:

    Bilingual is beautiful 🙂 We speak English, but I take my two kids to a wonderful Spanish lady once a week for Spanish lessons. Yes, I pay for a person to impart a Spanish accent upon my impressionable children, LOL.

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