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Last week I was having an I Wonder What Kind of Mischief We Can Get Into moment when my friend Amy mentioned she and her son wanted to go to a park. Alarms went off in my head and I … Continue reading

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Oh, Japan!

Beautiful land of immense culture, May is your month! That’s right, for May we chose Japan as our place to “visit” for our international potluck lunch. It was awe.some. Since we had to make a Japanese dish to bring, I … Continue reading

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Special project, a sneak peek

We’re working on a very exciting project, for which we needed to decorate some glass jars. Lately we’ve been taking conscience of our impact on the environment and for this reason we chose to reuse as many materials as possible, … Continue reading

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In full freedom

I come from a place where warmth is available pretty much year-round, and now I live in a place where six months out of the year are spent in the miserable cold and usually up to your knees in snow. … Continue reading

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Two centuries ago: the glories of Fort York

Enough procrastinating. After picnik-ing some pictures to get rid of terrible glares and praying to the blog gods to take pity on me and send me a better camera (ahem, Nikon, cough) without further ado I give you… the wonders … Continue reading

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All things Holland

I’m so behind on posts it’s not even funny! I have tons to write about because, well, my life is exciting and fabulous like that *gigglecoughsnort* A few weeks ago some of us at the homeschooling group began the adventure … Continue reading

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Weird Science- Science Fair 2010

After Anna was invited to a Spa birthday party a few weeks ago, she came back more interested than ever in spa products and how they work. This curiosity came in extremely handy because we had a science fair project … Continue reading

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